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— Mostra i trobada de comunitats locals al voltant de les noves expressions de la música experimental, electrònica, electroacústica, i totes les seves derivades pont aeri de la creativitat de Londres i de Barcelona. El nostre festival celebra el nucli essencial de la comunitat de música experimental, on el descobriment continu i la superació dels límits són a l’avantguarda de l’expressió artística.

— Local communities festival and gathering around the new expressions of experimental, electronic, electroacoustic music and all its derivatives, and a bridge between London and Barcelona’s creativity. Our festival celebrates the essential core of the experimental music community, where continuous discovery and pushing boundaries is at the forefront of artistic expression.

— Muestra y encuentro de comunidades locales alrededor de las nuevas expresiones de  la música experimental, electrónica, electroacústica, y todas sus derivadas puente aéreo de la creatividad de Londres y de Barcelona. Nuestro festival celebra el núcleo esencial de la comunidad de música experimental, donde el descubrimiento continuo y la superación de los límites están a la vanguardia de la expresión artística.

Sales / Venues


Fabra i Coats, Fàbrica de Creació. C/ de Sant Adrià, 20, 08030 Barcelona

La Deskomunal. Carrer del Tenor Masini, 5, 08028 Barcelona

Organitzadors / Organizers

IKLECTIK is a live experimental, electronic and free improvisation music and arts platform in London. It started in July 2014 as a venue located in the Old Paradise Yard creative community[1] on the northern border of Archbishop’s Park and had to close down in January 2024. The platform has hosted music performances, artist residencies, exhibitions, poetry readings, performance art, films screenings and book launches. Notable past live performers include John Butcher, Philip Jeck, Lolina, Thurston Moore, Pat Thomas, Eddie Prevost, Daniel Miller, Gareth Jones, Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, SolarX, Steve Davis and Mark Fell.

BONE is a promoting, booking and production platform for innovative & experimental projects and content, mainly music in connection with other artistic disciplines, such as performance, movement arts and speech or poetry, as well as cultural projects with social values of solidarity.
We have developed, or are developing projects, such as Terry Riley’s IN C orchestra, FiM Vila-seca, Feedback Sessions, Accio Cultura Viva, Seismes or The Exploding Fest.
The base of the entity is in the city of Barcelona.

Empty 6 Pack is a music label based in Barcelona focused mainly on publishing music in cassette format, promoting artists, programming events and managing record fairs. With great care, he has developed a curious catalog of his own. Always from the philosophy of cooperation, its aim is to promote the creativity of independent artists with original proposals. <>, they say. It claims countercultural, rebellious, informal and good-humoured attitudes. They mostly work with genres like rap, pop, and electronica.
One of the mainstays of Empty 6 Pack is the visual presentation of its releases. They pay a lot of attention to the graphic quality of the physical editions, expanding the musical experience to what we can see and touch.
It is part of the Action Cultura Viva festival and Bone x Iklectik.

Empty 6 Pack released the following artists: CLARAGUILAR, Kakkmaddafakka, Los Pintaos, PLOU PLIM, Ohanko, Aire, Ferida, Cecilio G. & Myto, Derya Yilidrim And Grup Şimşek, Payo Cafeina, Poor Tràmit, Vietnam Keed, Jon Connell…
Shipping to the whole Universe every thursday.

Fabra i Coats, FdC. C/ de Sant Adrià, 20, 08030 Barcelona